Are you looking for the best cages for African grey parrots? If yes, then I’ve got you covered.

I got some African grey parrots some year ago and over the years, I have tried quite a lot of cages( over 10 cages) and I can tell you which is actually the best cages for African grey parrots.

The African grey parrots are beautiful creatures with brains. They need the very best. -In terms of accommodation.
Specially made with the capacity for extensive learning and tendency to play and love.

In this post, I shall be listing the best cages for your African grey parrots. -Highly recommended

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best cages for african grey parrots

Best Cages for African Grey Parrots

Unlike other sites where cages are listed anyhow, we have used these cages and each of them has been tested and trusted.

1. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

This is a very lovely cage for your African grey parrot. I have been using this for over a year now and I must confess it’s been great and very lovely.

The prevue Hendryx flight cage is a perfect one for your African grey parrot! The picture may appear small, but it’s very big- If you go by the measurement!

You cannot get this cage from any local pet store. My African grey parrots had a cage that was 1/2 this size and I felt like they were both in prison. With this, they can freely and conveniently fly!

I rate this 5 stars. My birds love it and I’m very sure that yours would also love it.

What I love about this Cage

  • It is designed to accommodate multiple birds
  • Comes with two large doors(front) for easy access to your African grey parrot
  • Spacious – allows them to fly freely.
  • Comes with 2 plastic cups for feeding and water
  • Comes with 4 wood perches also
  • Lenght = 26-inch, Width= 14-inch, Height = 36-inch 
  • Wire spacing = 1/2-inch
  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • quite affordable

Possible downsides

This is my second year of using this wonderful product and I must confess; I’ve got no regret so far.

Where to Buy it from

Amazon is the only place I could find this wonderful cage for my African grey parrot and the price there was fantastic!


2. Aspeed 40.5-inch barn-Shaped Birdcage

This is a Great cage and it’s perfect for an African grey parrot. I bought mine in 2018 – That was when I bought my first African grey parrot.

Guess what? I still use this cage today. It’s excessively powerful and durable.

My African grey parrots love this cage. I love all the access doors – Including the flight doors.

They love this cage that they don’t love to come out to play with me.

What I love about this Cage

  • Made of Powder-coated steel construction
  • Has a roomy dome top area
  • Has Integrated an exterior play stand
  • Has an area with perch
  • Comes with a ladder, toy, and treat hooks
  • Comes with cup holders
  • Playstand access doo
  • Large main front access door. –  Both landing-style and traditional
  • Alternate access door underplay stand opens landing-style
  • Provides intensive security for your birds – With double locks doors
  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Highly durable

Possible downsides

No downside whatsoever. This is my sixth year of using this and it has been wonderful.

However, the price might be the only possible downside or cons. – That is unnecessary as the quality speaks for itself. six years without repairs. This is simply outstanding

Where to Buy it from

Amazon is the best place to buy from. I got mine from Amazon. – It was sold at the best price.

I looked for a place (online and offline) to get it at a much cheaper price. All attempts yield nothing positive.

Amazon was by far the cheapest and the best place to buy from.

Amazon is the only place I could find this wonderful cage for my African grey parrot and the price there was fantastic!


3. Elegant Flight Cage

This is a wonderful production. Although a lot of people are yet to know about this cage

The Elegant flight cage is a beautiful and well-built cage, perfect for the African grey parrot.

It is very easy to assemble.

I have had this cage for 13 months and I most say it’s a great one. – My birds are very convenient in it.

What I love about this Cage

  • Exterior Dimensions is 32″x21″x61″
  • Interior Height is 31″
  • Bar Spacing is 1/2″
  • Bird proof front door
  • Feeder door locks
  • Includes four swings out feeder doors
  • Contains four stainless steel feeder cups and two (2) perches
  • Large front doors which enable easy access
  • • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning •
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable 
  • Coated finish
  • Quality
  • Value for money

Possible downsides

Well, I have been using this cage for over one year now and I still don’t have any regret whatsoever.

My African grey parrots love this cage and that is okay for me.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this lovely cage is from Amazon.

Before I got this cage, I looked for it everywhere but couldn’t see a place where it’s cheaper.


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best cages for african grey parrots

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cages for African Grey Parrots

In looking out for a suitable cage for your African grey parrots, there are factors and features that must be considered. They include;

The material used in making it: If the material used in making it isn’t strong enough, it can be broken by the beak of the parrot.

Metal cages are more preferable.

Space: In getting a cage for your parrot, space ought to be considered due to the playful nature of the African Grey parrot.

Food tray: There should in an installed and easily accessible food tray so that the parrot can feed on it when hungry.

They should be easy to clean.

Portability: It should be easy to be moved from one place to another.

Locking mechanism: The lock mechanism should be well fitted and strong enough to keep the bird guarded and unable to escape.

Cost: Quality of cage determines the cost

Well ventilated: It should be in such a way that enough air comes in. This is to avoid suffocation.

Here you have it – The very best cages for African grey parrots.

I have used each and everyone one of them, so have a lot of my clients, and we are extremely glad we got them

I am sure you will also be happy to you got one too.

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