Guinea pigs are quiet and very friendly. Due to this, they are generally considered good pets. 

It is indeed a great thing to have guinea pigs at home. 

Nonetheless, for them to thrive, they need ample space. 

Although guinea pigs will cope just well when they are kept alone, they do better when they are kept in pairs. 

This means when looking to get a cage for your pet, you should look out for cages that can comfortably house two guinea pigs.

With the right cage for two guinea pigs, your pet can have enough space to explore and exercise.

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List of Best Cages for Two Guinea Pigs

Below are the best cages that are able to accommodate two guinea pigs. These guinea pig cages are tested, trusted, and exceptional.

They include:

1. Deluxe Critter Nation

This roomy cage comes with a ramp that can be covered, four locking wheel castors, and an adjustable shelf. 

It can easily be termed a perfect guinea pig cage. 

It comes with double doors, which make it easy to gain aces for your pet. That’s not all. It features a full-width leak-proof pan, which comes with a wide expanse for pets with very active lives.

Assembling this cage is very easy.

It can be done without any tools. 

You can also be sure to get a replacement if something goes wrong with this cage before one year is over, as it features a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

When you purchase the Deluxe critter nation cage, your pet enjoys an adequate level of safety. 

You will also not need to go through a lot of stress; cleaning is easy to clean. 

While this cage is associated with lots of useful features, there are times its doors are uneven.

Features of this Cage

  • An adjustable shelf
  • One year guarantee
  • Four locking wheel castors
  • Double doors


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is durable


  • Its doors are not always even

Where to buy from 

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- They have this product at the best price ever


2. ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen

If you are looking to buy a cage for two guinea pigs that you can move from place to place, the ToysOpoly premium pet playpen should be number one on your list. 

This cage does not have to be your pet’s primary home. It can simply be a means of moving your pet around.

When looking to get a portable cage of two guinea pigs, convenience has to be given a lot of consideration, and ToyOpoly premium offers that. 

This cage is large and does not have to be assembled before it can be used. 

It can pop up in a few seconds. Additionally, when you are not using it, it can be folded flat.

This cage is completely made from fabric. 

It is water-resistant and features reinforced corners and strong seams. While there is a tendency you will leave it in one spot for a long time, you can shut the zippers quickly.

Features of this cage

  • It is water-resistant
  • It possesses reinforced corners
  • Its seams are strong


  • There is no need to assemble it
  • It is portable
  • It is comfortable


  • It is not very durable
  • It is pricey

Where to buy from 

The best place to purchase this product is from Amazon- They have this product at the best price ever


3. Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

A guinea pig cage has to be at least 7.5 inches for guinea pigs to be comfortable in it. 

This cage does not only meet the 7.5 square feet requirement, and it exceeds it. 

It is 8.6 square feet. 

The implication of this is your pet will have ample space for sleeping, eating, and frolicking.

This cage has a plastic base and an upper frame that is made from iron wire. 

Due to this, it offers your guinea pig a lot of privacy and just the right space for moving around. 

That’s not all, and it comes with a balcony, a hay guard, and a non-drip water bottle.

The AmazonBasics small animal cage has a front and top opening that ensures access to your pet is comfortable.

Features of this Cage

  • It has a plastic base
  • It features a hay guard and a balcony


  • It is roomy
  • It is comfortable


  • It is quite pricey

Where to buy from 

The best place to purchase this product is from Amazon- They have this product at the best price ever


4. AmazonBasics Indoor-Outdoor Small Pet Habitat Cage with Canvas Bottom

If you are looking to keep your guinea pig in a comfortable environment but are on a small budget, this cage is one you should consider buying. 

It is a 7.8-square-foot cage and features a durable, sturdy iron frame that you can trust to keep your guinea pig in a safe place. 

Beyond providing a great deal of safety for your guinea pig, this cage gives your pet ample room to lookout.

In addition to a sturdy frame, the indoor-outdoor small pet habitat cage has a base made from canvas. 

Additionally, this base has a waterproof design. 

This implies that any water spills can be kept in check. 

Since this cage was designed to keep your guinea pig comfortable, it has the floor apt for the sensitive feet that guinea pigs are associated with. 

It also ensures the right traction.

Features of this cage

  • It features a sturdy frame
  • Its base is made from canvas


  • It is roomy
  • It is affordable
  • It is comfortable


  • It is not very durable

Where to buy from 

The best place to purchase this product is from Amazon- They have this product at the best price ever


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Buyers Guide for the Best Cages for Two Guinea Pigs

 There are lots of things you must know when looking to buy a guinea pig cage. 

When armed with the knowledge of these things, you do not have to be experienced before you can buy the right guinea pig cage. 

While there are many things you have to look out for, some of the most important are adequate ventilation, ample space, and high-quality materials. That’s not all. 

Guinea pigs need a great deal of mental stimulation and exercise. 

Due to this, you must get cages that come with mentally stimulating toys.

1. Go Through Reviews

This is a crucial guide everyone looking to buy a guinea pig cage must take seriously. 

It is impossible to know what a guinea pig cage offers without using it to a great extent. 

However, this is not entirely true as you can find a lot about a guinea pig cag from reviews. 

These reviews will focus on its pros and cons and help you make a decision more quickly.

2. Have a Budget

Having a budget is one way to ensure you get the best guinea pig cage for the amount you are willing to spend. 

Once you come up with an account, you have to look out for the different guinea pig cages that fit your budget. 

This way, you can get the best cage for whatever amount you are willing to spend.

3. Size

Every guinea pig must have nothing less than 7.5 square feet of space. With an extra guinea pig, you will need to add 2-4 square feet.

The bigger the guinea pig cage, the more comfortable the guinea pig will feel in its habitat. 

Since the cage is not its natural habitat, you will need to go the extra mile to make it comfortable.

To keep your guinea pig very safe, its cage should be at least 18 inches high.

4. Ventilation

Guinea Pigs thrive well in the presence of ample ventilation. 

To ensure your pet gets as much ventilation as possible, you should go for cages that are made from wire mesh. 

Also, to prevent overheating, the cage should be in direct sunlight. Additionally, your guinea pig cage should not be placed in a part of your house with a lot of moisture.

5. Convenience

One thing one must/should always consider when looking to buy a cage for your guinea pigs is convenience. 

The reason for this is guinea pigs might appear like they can do well in very tough conditions. 

Nonetheless, they have a reputation for only being comfortable when their habitat is convenient.

Guinea pigs get very lonely, so beyond the level of convenience a cage offers a guinea pig, you must consider how easy it is to access it. 

How many doors does it have? 

Will you have to make a lot of effort before being able to gain access to your pet? 

These are some of the most vital questions you must ask yourself.

6. Durability

How long a cage will last must be considered before you buy one. 

It would be best if you always bought cages made from top-quality materials as they are most likely going to last the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for those looking out for the best cages for two guinea pigs.

They include;

1. Are Guinea Pigs Ever Lonely

Yes, sometimes guinea pigs are lonely. 

This is just like other animals get lonely. 

They have emotions and do better when they get a lot of attention and affection.

Guinea pigs are not territorial. 

They are gentle and sweet and enjoy living in groups. 

Regardless of this, they get sold individually. 

So, to help your guinea pig live very comfortably, you should buy a pair.

2. Must I Buy a Pair of Guinea Pigs?

There are no rules that state you must get two guinea pigs. 

Nonetheless, you will be doing your pet a lot of favor if you buy two guinea pigs instead of one. 

his is because two guinea pigs living in one cage will keep each other company.

If you decide to get two guinea pigs, make it a duty to get a large cage. This way, the two guinea pigs have ample space to move around.

3. Do Guinea Pigs Know their Master?

Yes, just like dogs, guinea pigs can identify their owners. This does not always happen instantaneously. It takes a while. 

So, you will need to be a little bit patient if you own one.

4. Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy Cuddling

 Guinea pigs thrive properly when they are given attention. While they love being cuddled, they do not love any form of squeezing or rough play. They look like tough animals. 

Nonetheless, they are more on the soft side.

5. How Do I keep my Guinea Pig Warm?

Guinea pigs do not need to stay in cold air. 

Also, they do a lot better in the absence of overheating. They are not just sensitive to the temperature, but also the temperature change. 

This means the same temperature must be maintained for them to be comfortable.

6. Is Bedding Good for Guinea Pigs

Every guinea pig is a lot more comfortable in the presence of bedding. The ideal bedding for guinea pigs should be made from hay, paper products, newspaper, or cotton towels.

Although beddings are great for guinea pigs, they do well in the absence of beddings also.

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