Horses and humans might be different in several ways. Nonetheless, there are some things they have in common and one of them is their love for treats. Just like humans, horses enjoy being given a treat. While there are lots of foods you can give to your horse to keep it healthy, if you must effectively take care of a horse, it is important that you know the best treatment for horses.

Do you own a horse and are looking at giving it a treat every now and then? If yes, you do not need to search far and wide before coming up with a good enough treat for your horse. You also do not need to spend a fortune. This is because some of the most delicious treats for horses are things around us and can be gotten very easily.

All things being equal, horses enjoy eating peppermints, bananas, strawberries, apples, and watermelon. Although horses enjoy eating the above-mentioned foods, you will have to watch the way you feed them with these foods. This is because of their complex digestive system.

While giving your horse the treats it enjoys, ensure you give it a lot of forage so its digestive system is balanced.

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What is the best Treat for Horses?

There are several horse treats. Some are totally natural and others are produced in a factory. Well, regardless of what type of treat you want for your horse, you should know the best horse treats around.

best treat for horses

Do you own a horse and are looking to get some of the best treats for horses? If yes, you are on the right page. Let’s walk through some of the best horse teats available in the market.

1. Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffin

The fact that this horse treat is called the Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffin is not an indication that it can only be used for German horses. This probably means it was developed in Germany.

It was developed to be used as a treat for all horses regardless of how they were bred and where they were bred.

This horse treat is absolutely natural. Also, it is chewy and sweet. You can be certain your horse will love its taste. This product contains a lot of molasses and has a great aroma. Its aroma is good enough to get your horse to relax for a treat even without you trying to get it ready for a treat.

 Some of the ingredients in this horse treat are Riboflavin supplement, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin D supplement, Vitamin B supplement, beet pulp, soyabean oil, dehydrated alfalfa meal, soybean meal, cornstarch, wheat flour, bran, oats, corn, and molasses products.


  • Delicious taste
  • Natural aroma


  • It has a great aroma
  • It is tasty
  • It helps with the administration of medications.


  • It is expensive


This horse treat is one of the best around. Nonetheless, you just might not be able to enjoy all that it has to offer if you are not ready to spend extra money.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- There, you will get this product at the best price ever!!


2. Purina Animal Nutrition Purina Ultrium Gastric Care 50

This product might be famous as a treat. Nonetheless, it goes beyond simply giving your horse something tasty to eat but provides it with balanced nutrition which helps it stay healthy and energetic. It contains easily digestible fibre and therefore, will do well in your horses’ gut.

This product comes with a yeast extract that strengthens the immune system of horses that go through intense stress. The fact that it is great for horses that have to deal with a lot of stress does not imply that you can only get it for your horse when looking to help it cope with stress. Even if your horse does not have to put up with a lot, you will be doing it a great favor when you get this treat.

Since the Purina animal nutrition is great for helping horses cope with stress, it is just ideal for you if your horse takes part in competitions actively. This treat has the right nutritional balance and comes with the right calories.


  • Nutritionally balanced
  • A great dose of energy
  • Contains easily digestible fibre.


  • It helps your horse cope with stress
  • It contains plenty of nutrients


  • It is not associated with a great taste


If you are looking to get a treat for your horse and are a lot more concerned about nutritional content, you might want to get this product.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- There, you will get this product at the best price ever!!


3. Purina / Omolene #100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed

 This product comes in a 50m pounds bag and was developed for horses that work moderately. This horse feed did not get developed in a short time. It went through decades of research before finally making its way into the market. Due to this, you can trust it to do just what it says.

It does not matter what you need a horse feed for; to help your horse do well in a competition or to help with its gastric health, you can depend on the Purina /omolene #100 active pleasure horse feed to make this a reality.


  • It features a great deal of palatability
  • It features gastric support


  • It is not just great for your horse’s stomach but for good for its skin
  • It provides your horse with a steady dose of energy


  • It is not very affordable


This product has gone through a series of tests and is reliable.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is from Amazon- There, you will get this product at the best price ever!!


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What Treats are Safe for Your Horse?

While looking to give your horse some treats, it is important that you should not go ahead to give it whatever treat you desire. Before you give your horse a treat, you have to ensure that such treat is safe for it. This is expedient as you do not want to give your horse something that will not work very well with its body system.

Some of the best treats you can give your horse to keep it healthy and full are carrots, sliced apples with the core missing, bananas, watermelon, pumpkin, plum, orange, lettuce, grape, pear, and mango.

While it will be difficult to go wrong with these fruits, you should not overlook the place of moderation when giving your horse any treat. Before serving your horse with a vegetable or fruit, ensure you chop it into smaller pieces. Also, you must avoid giving the core of a fruit or vegetable to your horse. When this is done, your horse could get choked.

Additionally, in exactly the same way as humans do not live on treats, your horse is not supposed to live on treats. If you give it treats too frequently, it could begin to misbehave.

Factors to Consider When giving your Horse a Treat

Snacks that are rich in sugar might be good for just any horse. However, if your horse is dealing with any health challenges such as obesity, insulin or metabolic disorders, etc., you might want to keep it away from any snack that contains a lot of sugar. If you are not sure what you can freely give to your horse, you will need to speak with a veterinarian.

Furthermore, if your horse has any issues with its teeth, there are certain treats you should not give to it. So long a treat is firm, you might want to keep it away from a horse with dental challenges. However, if you feel you must give your horse a treat, you might need to cut it into tiny bits or make it into a mash.

What Should You not Give Your Horse?

It is great to know the right feed for your horse. However, that is not good enough. You should also know the things that your horse should never eat.

Generally, vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale should never be given to your horse.

Other feeds that your horse should never have are;

Chocolate: Your horse might truly enjoy eating chocolate, nonetheless, it just might not be good for it as it could lead to a positive result if your horse undergoes a drug test.

Donuts and fresh bread: Bread and other similar products might be great for humans. However, they are not the best for horses. This is because they could lead to an obstruction in the horse’s digestive tract.

Tomatoes and Potatoes: A good number of horse owners give them potatoes and tomatoes. This might seem normal. However, if you want the best for your horse, you should not give it tomatoes or potatoes.

Best Feeds for Horses with Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease, also known as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) is a famous equine hormonal disorder. It happens when there is an enlargement of the pituitary gland. It could also take place when there is a growth that affects the pituitary gland.

Cushing’s disease cannot be cured. Nonetheless, it can be effectively managed with the right nutrition.

If you must keep your horse’s case of Cushing’s disease from getting worse, then, you must know exactly what to feed it.

That being said, some treats to give your horse with Cushing’s disease are;

  • Treats that are low in cereals
  • Treats rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins
  • Treats that are low in starch and sugar but fibre-based.
  • Treats rich in oil and fiber if weight gain is important

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions asked by many looking out for the best treat for horses.

They include;

1. How Frequently Should I give My Horse Treats?

When looking to give your horse treats, you must be unpredictable. That is why it is a treat in the first place. If it is something it takes every day, it might stop being special. Additionally, you should not create the habit of giving your horse a treat after some particular activity. If you do this, your horse will become expectant and this might not be too good. If your horse always expects a treat at a point in time, you might be training it wrongly and it is bound to misbehave.

To get the best out of feeding your horse with a treat, you must be very random

2. Can I give a Treat to Just Any Horse?

No, you should not give a treat to a horse if it does not belong to you. If you do this, you could make it develop behavior that its owner is not aware of and will be unable to handle. That’s not all. Doing this might not be good for its health. Since it is not yours, you might have no idea of its health history and you could end up causing it harm.

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