Looking out for the German Shepherd Dog Price in Nigeria might or may seem difficult as there are different bloodlines and means by which these dogs were bred.


The German Shepherd Dog is a breed that has its origin in Germany.

A brief history of the German Shepherd Dog Breed

The German Shepherd is an extraordinary and peculiar breed of domestic dog.

The German Shepherd dog breed falls under the medium dog breed class.

They were bred to herd flocks. The German Shepherd Dog has its origin in Germany and can be traced back to 1899.

The breed owes its existence to Max Von Stephanitz, a Captain in the German Calvary.

This breed is known by the German as “Deutscher Schäferhund, with German Pronunciation: [ˈdɔʏtʃɐ ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt]).

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular breeds of dogs, not only in Nigeria but in the world.

They are a brilliant breed with outstanding capabilities as working dogs.

They are very devoted to their owner/family, and their courage and faithfulness/devotion towards their family is unmatched and second to none.

They are very versatile – a reason why they excel at anything or job they are trained/set out to do.

They have potentials and can fit in almost anywhere.

They can work as an assistant to the disabled, help in leading the blind, they can assist the police and military, can be used for: herding, search and rescue, can also be used for drug detection, chasing down criminals, sniffing illegal substances, can do exceptionally well in competitive obedience shows amongst many more.

Now, haven known the meaning and origin of the breed, let’s move into our topic properly.

German Shepherd Dog Price in Nigeria

When it comes to giving out a generic price for the German Shepherd Dog breed in Nigeria, a lot of mistakes can be made.

This is because there are lots of factors that determine the price of a german shepherd dog in Nigeria.

Some of the common questions from those interested in getting a german shepherd dog in Nigeria

Why is the German Shepherd Puppy so expensive?

I see this question almost all the time. The truth is breeding quality, and standard dog breed isn’t as easy as many people think it is.

Lots of factors determine the price of the German Shepherd Dog breed in Nigeria and the difference between the cheap and expensive German shepherd dogs is clear and very distinct.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for the cost difference

Health Certifications – Most less expensive, or do I say “back-yard breeders,” find it very difficult to carry out health certification of any kind. They do not perform health tests at all. The reason is that they are just after the money. They mate anyhow and are not concerned with the breed standards.

Ethical, professional, and experienced breeders pay thousands to get to know the health status of their dog(s).

Note: It is not everyone that sells at a high price that is an ethical breeder. Many are just feeding on the ignorance of their fellow countrymen. So be very careful.

Cost of breeding stock – Most less of these expensive breeders brought their stocks from mixed parents of different breeds, but since the coat colour of the German Shepherd Dog breed is very dominant, people hardly notice. – German Shepherd dogs/pups from these kinds of stock are usually very cheap.

Note: those who hardly notice are those who know nothing about the breed standards.

Professional, ethical, and experienced breeders pay thousands of dollars to import health certified, bred to standard, champion bloodlines, and pedigree German Shepherd dogs.

Cost to produce the litter – Ethical, professional, and experienced breeders usually add anything and everything that concerns the litter as a cost. – this usually involves a lot.

Less expensive, ignorant, fake, and backyard breeders only look at the amount the puppies will sell for their profit, and that’s very okay for them. – They don’t do much.

They don’t feed their dogs premium foods; they don’t care about the health status of the dog.

They do virtually nothing. Only watch for heat, mate, and sell. – that’s all they’re after.

Shipping cost – When purchasing a german shepherd dog or puppy out of state the breed resides, the airlines or transport company dictate the price of shipping.-this is usually added to the cost of the puppy

Note This: The purchase price of a German Shepherd Dog is nothing or a drop in the bucket when you compare to the cost of total German shepherd dog’s well-being and ownership.

You can learn how to choose the right dog here

How much does a German Shepherd Dog cost?

A quality German Shepherd Dog puppy cost between one hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand naira (200-350k).

While inferior German Shepherd Puppies are being sold between forty to ninety thousand naira (40-90k).

Cheap things are usually not good, and good things are very rarely cheap.-they always come with a price.

The cost of a low-quality German Shepherd dog breed in Nigeria is around 40/50 -100 thousand naira

While quality German Shepherd is being sold for 200 -350 thousand naira and above.

By all means, avoid getting dogs from sites like Jiji Olx and jumia. There are lots of scams and scanners which are nowhere close to becoming breeders.

Try as much as possible to get from an Ethical, reputable, professional, and experienced breeder who is not ready to tarnish his/her reputation for anything.

An ethical breeder will always have a laid down plan or set standards for his entire breeding program and will not deviate from them just to make a few extra bucks.

They know the pedigrees, temperaments, and the health status of most of the German Shepherd dogs in the pedigree.

They take out their time to do proper research before they mate their dams/bitches.

Also, avoid getting dogs from roadside dog sellers or pet peddlers.

Get from a reputable breeder.- we can help you with quality, bred to standard and pedigreed German Shepherd Dog/puppies

Looking for a Well-bred, quality, pedigree german shepherd dog to buy? Looking for German Shepherd dogs/puppies for sale in Abuja and other parts of the country?

We are here to help you out with that.

You can always count on us.



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