How do Snakes Reproduce: Find out How Snakes Reproduce

Have you ever asked yourself how do snakes reproduce? Well, If you are yet to know how reproduces snakes, then this post is for you

How do Snakes Reproduce?

Snakes are peculiar in producing their young ones

Some reproduce sexually while others reproduce asexually

A female snake cans la about 100 eggs and can also give birth to 150 young snakes.

Unlike other egg-laying animals, the snake does not warm their egg by sitting on them, but they take good care of them and keep their egg safe from any form of danger, for some days after giving birth to them.

We shall be looking at both the sexual and asexual forms of reproduction in snakes.

how do snakes reproduce

Asexual Reproduction in Snakes

Only a few species of snake are able to reproduce asexually, they include:-

Copperheads, cottonmouth

In snake asexual reproduction is called parthenogenesis

These female snakes can reproduce without the male’s contribution, and this is made possible when cells known as polar bodies are produced along with the eggs. When these bodies act like sperms, they fuse with the egg produced. This, in turn, brings about cell division, and the result is in the production of baby snakes with stroking resemblance to their mum.

This is yet to be confirmed as female snakes are known to hold sperm for up to five to six years.

Sexual Reproduction in Snakes

In sexual reproduction, the female snake release a special scent called pheromones from the skin gland, located on her back, which can be tracked by a male snake from as far as 2 miles.

This she does as she goes about her everyday routine; this odor becomes an odor trail.

If a sexually mature male snake perceives these scent or odor trail left by the female snake, he follows the trail until he finally gets/finds her. As soon as he gets her, he immediately begins to court her. These he does by jumping his chin on the back of the female snake and by crawling over her, thereby forming a twist like a posture.

When she finally accepts him she raises her tail, at this point, the male snake immediately wraps his tail around hers so that their tails meet at the Cloaca 

The male snake inserts his two sex organs called the Hemipenes. – This Hemipene is elongated to release sperm used in fertilizing eggs.

The sexual intercourse or mating between two snakes usually lasts nearly or over one hour, but in most cases, it can last up to a day.

A female snake produces offspring twice a year.

Terms used:

Cloaca: The exit for waste products and reproductive fluid in a snake.

Hemipenes: A male sex organ

Pheromones: A smell or scent released by a female snake whenever she’s ready to mate.

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