How to Catch a Snake in your House

Are you looking for the best technique on how to catch a snake in your house

Having rats in their home can pose a serious threat to not only us but to our kids and everyone in the house. This can be a problem in the home.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to see a snake until very careful measures are taken.

Snakes can be very conning. These make them able to escape the sight of the house owners.

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively catch a snake in the house

how to catch a snake in your house

How to find the snake in your House

The first step in catching a snake in your house is finding where they are living. You can look for their scales around the house, the best way to find them is to look out for them.

Never attack but monitor their movement to see their hideout. If you suspecting the presence of a snake then make sure you clean the house thoroughly and remove every form of Chester or packed clothes and equipment this will enable you to properly monitor the presence of a snake in the house.

Steps on how to catch a snake in your House

If seen then close/remove kids/children-if these be from the area

If not seen, you can continue monitoring and observing to see that you confirm the presence of a snake in your snake

Create a safe distance between yourself and the snake

If you want it dead then pour kerosene or fuel on it this will kill it.

You can also pour insecticide on it

You can also carefully cut it with a cutlass

But if you are not going to kill it, then you can go with the following steps.

Types of equipment used in catching a snake in your house

After seeing or observing the snake, the following steps should be taken.

  • A trap
  • A sticky pad
  • A blanket


This may include a bag trap, glue trap, or metal trap.

You can also get a bag trap made of which can sieve or an appealing habitat – A dark cool area for snakes to rest.

When trying to catch them, maintain a safe distance, and make use of a shovel or tongs to remove the snake.

You can also contact a professional to help you remove it.

Glue/Sticky Trap:

Here, you get plywood of about  15×25 or 16×25 inches. For the base.

Attach about four rodent traps.

Must be strongly adhesive and

Must coat an entire side of the board

Note: If you have children, keep them out of this.

Removing the glue from the body of the snake may require close contact. So, ensure that maximum precaution is taken.


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