Guinea pigs are one of the few animals that eat a lot and poop almost as often as they eat thus leaving their poop laying around their cages as careless as they can. However leaving their poops for too long has proven in the past to be hazardous to their health; hence, cleaning up the poop as often as possible can prevent the danger of keeping the poop for too long in the cage.

This, however, makes it important to write an article on How to Clean Guinea Pig Poop.

However, the question many intending Guinea pig keepers tend to ask is, how often should the poop be cleaned? We must also remark that the answer to the question is not a straightforward one because it all depends on the number of guinea pigs in a cage, however, you must ensure that the guinea pig poop is cleaned regularly from once a day to several times a day depending on the number of the guinea pigs that you are raising.

Sadly or interestingly, as the case may be, if you have got more than just a handful of guinea pigs in a cage then you will most definitely find yourself cleaning up their poop several times a day.

Luckily, for you, we have got several ways to clean guinea pig poop and they include; cleaning with a handheld vacuum as well as a scoop or use a small broom and dustpan. Having this in mind, cleaning the guinea pig poop becomes quick and easy and it won’t much time from your busy schedule.

Knowing Your Guinea Pigs Pooping Habit

It is important to spot clean your guinea pig poop once a day but it depends on your schedule and the noticeable pooping traits of your guinea pigs. Again several factors will determine how often you could clean your guinea pig cage off its poop and the factors are;

• The number of guinea pigs you have in one cage will decide how many times you clean the poops in the cage. The larger the number of guinea pigs you have in a cage the large the poop and this is no doubt the biggest factor that determines their rate of poop.
• Their size; another factor that determines guinea pig poop rate is their size. Clearly, the poop rate of a young guinea pig cannot be compared to that of an adult. Hence, their sizes also determine the rate at which they poop out.
• Their health and by this, we mean that you should care to find out if they have stomach problems or not because if they do it will no doubt influence their poop rate.

Once you have equipped yourself with the basic information on your guinea pigs then figuring out their pooping habit will become less difficult for you to do and that will also help you to schedule when to clean their poop.

How Often Should You Clean Their Cage?

Notably, as important as it is to clean your guinea pig poop at least once every day depending on the number of guinea pigs in one cage and the rate at which they poop, it is equally important that you clean their cage every other day.

Furthermore, that applies if you have just one or two guinea pigs in a cage all alone by themselves; however, the more guinea pigs you have in a cage the more time you will have to clean their poop and their cage. You should also note the fact that guinea pigs hate being around things that smells badly as much as they hate to be dirty themselves.

You should clean up more regularly the moment you notice that your guinea pig poop is piling up badly and less frequently if you notice that there is little to no poop to clean from the guinea pig cage.

However, you should not restrict cleaning to just the poop and the cage of your guinea pigs you should also endeavor to clean their toys either weekly or bi-weekly.

How Often Can You Clean With A Handheld Vacuum?

No doubt, cleaning a guinea poop as well as its cage with a handheld vacuum makes that task a light one; hence, we highly recommend that when possible that you should use the handheld vacuum to clean guinea pig poop from their cage and this is simply because cleaning is made easy with it and you can clean several times a day without spending much of your time doing that.

However, the handheld vacuum should be small enough to stop it from sucking up everything in the guinea pig cage at once but it must be big enough to clean the guinea pigs poop with ease. Again, it must be easy to take apart and light to carry that way you wouldn’t have any problem using it several times a day.

How to Clean With Handheld Vacuum

Many potential guinea pigs keepers tend to ask questions on how to clean guinea pig poop with a handheld vacuum. The first thing to do is to try to not traumatize the guinea pigs as the action of the vacuum cleaner could scare them and you don’t want them to be scared. Hence, the first thing to do before employing the use of the handheld vacuum is to remove the guinea pigs from the cage and then clear away any hay in their cage.

Ensure there is just a little or no hay at all in the cage before using the handheld vacuum cleaner to not suck up all the hay and then damage your vacuum as a result of that.

How Often Can You Clean With Your Hand

Cleaning guinea pig poop with the hand is surely time-consuming and energy-sapping but it is no doubt the most intimate way to clean up poops. However, you should spot clean once a day and leisurely clean at other times to save yourself some time and from the stress of spot cleaning several times a day; however, spot cleaning should be done the first time of cleaning every day.

Other Cleaning Methods

Guinea pigs poop cleaning is not left to the use of hand and handheld vacuum, other methods can be employed to clean both their cage and their poop and they are;

• Using a scoop; allows you to scoop up their poop put it in a trash bag and then throw them away. Scooping is probably the best way to clean with hands.
• Using a dustpan and a broom; this method allows you to sweep the poop as well as the hay with a short broom into a dustpan then empty the dustpan into a trash bag and then throw the bag away.

It is noteworthy to state that whether you are scooping, using your hand, or cleaning with a broom you must ensure to wear hand gloves. However, handheld vacuum over time has proven to be the best for cleaning the poops of guinea pigs and their cage. We are, however, convinced that with this article we have shown you how to clean guinea pig poop.


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