I know you want to find the answer to the question What does it Mean When a Guinea Pig Squeaks? Well, if yes, then you’re on the right page.

The average guinea pig has lots of behaviours that humans might not understand. Also, they make several different noises. If you do not understand these different noises, it will be difficult to relate properly with a guinea pig.

Why is this so?

Guinea pigs make various noises all in an attempt to communicate with humans, as well as with other animals. Although you will need to learn about the various sounds made by guinea pigs and what they mean, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on what it means when a guinea pig squeaks.

What does it Mean When a Guinea Pig Squeaks

There are several things a guinea pig might be trying to say when it squeaks. That being said, let’s find out the various messages a guinea pig can attempt passing when it squeaks.

Squeaking could be An Indication of Discomfort

Guinea pigs are known to squeak when they feel confused or are trapped. Since guinea pigs squeak when they feel a level of discomfort, you should expect them to do some squeaking while they are being examined by a vet. This is not out of place as the vet will definitely touch them in places that they might not be too comfortable with.

A Guinea Pig Might Squeak When Something Frightens it

Guinea pigs are known to squeak when they are scared. As a matter of fact, when they are scared, squeaking is one thing that they do frequently. So, if your guinea pig just won’t stop squeaking, there is a likelihood that an external factor is bothering it or it is scared.
So, squeaking might simply be its way of letting other guinea pigs know that there is something not so good about the environment.
In as much as squeaking means a guinea pig is frightened, guinea pigs could also squeak excessively when they are in pain. This pain could be from an ailment or an injury.
So, when your guinea pig keeps squeaking and you can’t seem to find anything in the environment that could make it scared, it just might be making this sound because it is going through a lot of pain. In this situation, you might need to pay the vet a visit.

Guinea Pigs Squeak to Get Attention

Pets generally need a lot of attention and guinea pigs are not any different. Continuous squeaking in a guinea pig could easily be an indication that it wants some extra attention. In a situation like this, the only way to successfully stop it from squeaking is to give it some attention.
When trying to give your guinea pig some attention, you do not have to do much. You simply need to pet it or spend some time playing with it.
Unlike humans that simply tell you they need something to eat when they are hungry, all a guinea pig might do when it needs to eat is squeak for a long time.
So, if you find your guinea pig squeaking continuously, it just might need a special fruit treat or simply wants to have dinner.

Squeaking Cold be a Sign of Joy

Squeaking in a guinea pig could simply mean it is happy. However, when your guinea pig squeaks because it is happy, it most likely will not squeak for a long time. It could squeak for a moment when you walk into its room. This could simply be a sign that it is happy to see you. This is more pronounced when your guinea pig has not seen you in a while.

Squeaking Helps Guinea Pigs Bond

Generally, one-way young guinea pigs bond with their mothers is by squeaking. While this sound seems to be set aside for bonding with their mothers, this is not always the case. A guinea pig could also squeak when looking to track down an older guinea pig that is not its mom. This is something it could do when it has built a strong bond with such guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs Squeak When They Face Health Challenges

Every animal deals with health challenges at different points in their lives. This is perfectly normal.
However, these different animals react differently when dealing with health challenges.
One way guinea pigs reveal that they are dealing with a health challenge is by giving out a high pitched squeak. A lot of times, their high-pitched squeak is linked to the fact that they try not to show any form of weakness even when they are sick until apparently, they can’t take it anymore.
When they finally get to the point in which they can’t take the pain or discomfort associated with the ailment, they end up giving out a loud squeak.

Other Sounds Produced by Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs might be strongly associated with squeaking. Nonetheless, squeaking is not the only sound they are known to produce. There are quite a number of other sounds guinea pigs produce all in an attempt to communicate with one another and with humans.
Let’s walk through some of these sounds briefly.


This sound is strongly associated with mating in guinea pigs. Also, it is a sound that is made by males, as well as females. Generally, male guinea pigs make a rumbling sound when they are looking to attract females. Just like males make this sound. Females also make it. However, females are known to make the rumbling sound when they want to let males know that they are in season.
Females are not always in season. Going by this, the rumbling sound made by guinea pigs is more associated with males as males do not have to be in season.
Female guinea pigs on the other hand get into season once in 16 days. This means if you have a female guinea pig around, it might not always make the rumbling sound as it will not always be in season.
That’s not all. When females are in season, they will only be ready to mate for just eight hours. The implication of this is after eight hours, they will no longer make those sounds.

Teeth Chattering

Unlike humans that might exhibit this behaviour when they are cold, guinea pigs will make the teeth chattering sound when they do not want you to come any close. It is a sign that they are angry. This noise sometimes sounds like they are hissing.
When a guinea pig makes this noise, it is usually known to bare its teeth. This means it could attack anyone or a guinea pig that comes too close.


This sound is quite similar to sneezing in humans. It is a high-pitched sound and is not a sound you should worry so much about.
In as much as sneezing by a guinea pig might not mean much, if you notice your guinea pig sneezing too frequently, it just might have a cold. In such a situation, you might need to take it to visit your vet.
Beyond simply taking your guinea pig to visit a vet when it sneezes frequently, you should be on the lookout for signs such as coughing, heavy breathing running nose, and running eyes.

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