What does Snake Venom do to Blood

Want to know what does snake venom do to blood? Then read on

 There are lots of things the venom from snakes can do to the blood of humans.

what snake venom does to the blood

Generally speaking, when bitten by a venomous snake, the venom does the following to the blood;

  • Inhibits blood clotting
  • Causes blood to clump together
  • Blocks blood circulation

When venomous snakes inject venom into their victim with the aid of their fangs, several part and organs of the human body are affected.

Types of Snake Venom

There are 3 main types of venom which species of snake can possess. They are:-

Cytotoxins, Neurotoxins, and Hemotoxins.

Cytotoxins:– this when injected into the blood, destroys cells found in a tissue or organ.

Neurotoxins:– this when injected into the blood disrupts chemical sign also known as neurotransmitters or block it.

This can cause muscle paralysis which may result in respiratory difficulty, thereby causing death.

Hemotoxins: This when injected into the blood, poisons it, and disrupts coagulation processes.

This results in bursting open the red blood cells, disrupt blood clotting factors, and also causing the h of tissues and organ damage.

What to do when beaten by a snake

  1.  Be calm, do not panic when you are beaten by a snake, it doesn’t kill instantaneously.
  2. Visit a hospital immediately and make sure you are visited by a doctor. The only effective treatment is anti-venom. It should be administered to you’.
  3. Do not get involved in anything that will accelerate your heartbeat.
  4. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, etc

What not to do if beaten by a snake

 Do not attempt any of the following when receiving treatment from a qualified medical practitioner

  1. Do not make use of ice to slow the movement or spread of the venom.
  2. Never electrocute bitten area in other to neutralize the venom.
  3. Never make use of a tourniquet. A tourniquet is a bandage tied tightly to cut blood flow to the wounded area. The use of bandage can cause the limb to die and this may require imputation.
  4. Never cut the affected area to suck out the venom.

The venom is known to spread quickly through the lymphatic system_ This makes it quite impossible to cut through deep enough to suck out an adequate amount of venom.


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